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Mosaic Worship


Care Teams set up different elements for our gatherings as well as caring for those who are volunteering during our Sunday gatherings, making sure they have what they need to serve to their fullest. 

Communion Care

Communion Care purchases supplies and sets up our communion tables for Sunday gatherings. Remembering Christ’s death and resurrection is a big part of what we do as a community on Sundays, and these folks ensure communion happens.

Food Care

Food Care provides our band teams, our Sunday staff teams, and tech care teams with a meal each Sunday for both the AM and PM gatherings.


Tech Booth Teams create an environment where we can worship God and hear from Him through managing the sound board, adjusting the lights in the room, administrating the details of the service, and running our visual presentations. 

Sound Technician

Sound techs run the sound board and help with the technical sound aspects of our gathering.

Program Director

Program Directors run the light board, manage service flow, and give feedback about worship experience, by managing the details of each gathering.

Media Technician

Media Techs set up and run our presentation software for our Sunday gatherings during our Sunday gatherings.

To apply for the Tech Booth Team, click here.


Band Teams create music that is full of the Spirit of God, that reminds us of who He is, and expresses how much we love Him. Whether you’re a bass player, a vocalist, a drummer, a piano or a guitar player, there’s room to serve God through leading musical worship.

To apply for a Band Team, click here.

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