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Support Groups

423 Men

Tuesdays at 6:30pm at Mosaic Northeast (Ongoing)

Countless men and women suffer from the addictive cycle of lust and sexual sin. They know the hopelessness and devastation that can come as a result of sexual brokenness. However, there is hope.

423 COMMUNITIES are groups of people committed to finding a way out of the pattern of sexual brokenness. We know there is hope through Jesus, and we seek to be led by Him toward a life of purity and wholeness. You are not alone! We meet weekly for mutual support, accountability, and to honestly confess sin and our utter dependence on Jesus Christ. Come journey with others as we seek to find freedom from the chains of sexual sin.

There is hope!

To join the group confidentially contact:
(503) 898-0423 or

Currently, Mosaic is hosting groups for men (423 MEN), but there are groups throughout the city for women (423 WOMEN), and we hope to host 423 WOMEN at Mosaic in the near future.

Living in Grace: A Group for Women

Mondays at 6:30pm at Mosaic Northeast (9/18-12/4)

Come join us as we journey toward freedom from human expectations, past hurts and shame! Tired of Trying to Measure Up is a group of women who are learning to break the “give up/try harder” cycle that robs us of living the abundant life that God promises. Discover grace and rest in a new way, alongside other women!

The only cost associated with this group is the cost of the book:

Tired of Trying to Measure Up: Getting free from the Demands, Expectations and Intimidation of Well-Meaning People
By Jeff VanVonderen

$9.00 for the book.

For more information please contact the group leader, Christine Keith at