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Meet my Life Group: NE Portland

This Life Group for anyone meets weekly to grow as disciples of Jesus and build relationships with each other. They are on mission to serve foster children by serving with The Family Room, a ministry that provides a safe place for foster children to meet with their birth parents. Currently they are studying the Book of Acts, one chapter each week. The group varies in age, spanning four decades, which enables of broad understanding of the application of God’s Word.
1.    Describe the most fun your group has ever had.

First Thursday in the Pearl District – Happy hour followed by art walk in the galleries viewing beautiful artwork by local artisans.

2.   If your group were a TV show, what show would you be and why?

“Lost” – we have no idea why, except that nobody acts like normal people would act.

3.    What are your favorite group snacks?

Ron’s ‘famous chicken chili’, and Ron’s BBQ’d chicken (Ron used to have a Delicatessen)

4.    Favorite group quotes?

“When is the next food night?”, especially for the guys.

5.    What’s one way you’ve seen God work in or through your life group?

Our group has grown very close to each other, developing a sense of community.  We have seen many answers to prayer, supporting and        encouraging each  through difficult times.  Answers to prayer have been in respect to jobs, health issues, and acceptance of God’s will for each of us.

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