Our Story

In early 2003, an aging congregation, Portland Alliance Church, made a bold decision. The church recognized that its traditions and unique expression of faith had lost their ability to help the neighborhood connect to God. After months of prayer and debate, they decided to stop meeting to make room in their building for a new church to emerge.

During this same time, a number of people were invited to meet in the Portland Alliance building to pray and work through the issues involved in starting a new church. A church that would help a new generation of people experience God and engage in meaningful relationships with each other.

A band came together, community groups were started, leaders were trained, teams formed to care for children, and the building was made ready. The team grew and a church began to emerge. They chose the name Mosaic knowing that God was going to take their lives, broken edges and colorful shapes, and make something beautiful.

Today, Mosaic is a church seeking to make disciples and plant churches. Mosaic has planted five churches in our city and helped launch the Portland Metro Network, along with partnering with Northwest Church Planting and is part of a larger network of churches called the Christian Missionary Alliance.