Welcome Team

The Welcome Team ensures a warm, accessible, and safe environment for everyone in and around the Mosaic building on Sundays. Church is the people, not the building, and the Welcome Team embodies this presence as we gather!

Greeters: Be a part of the team that creates a warm, inviting presence for everyone participating in worship and community on Sundays.

Safety Team: Contribute to welcoming people and provide a safe and secure presence in the Mosaic facility for engagement with God and others.

Signs Team: Help make Mosaic visible and accessible to our church family and neighborhood on Sundays.

Worship & Production

In the midst of a busy world, Jesus invites us to come rest and draw near to his heart. We gather regularly to set aside the frantic pace of our life and choose instead to wonder at, declare, and remember of God’s beauty, goodness, and power at work among us.

Worship Team: Bring your musical gift and be part of a team leading the Mosaic community in worship through song, creating space for others to experience Jesus.

Production Team: Create cohesive audial and visual environments in-person and digitally that help eliminate distraction and encourage focused time with God and others on Sundays.

Mosaic Kids

Mosaic Kids Sunday classes support parents and guardians by nurturing the faith of kids with developmentally appropriate crafts, games, group time, and Bible stories! Be a part of leading and caring for kids and families by serving on Sundays.

Classroom Volunteer: Come play and have fun serving in a Sunday class! Teachers and caregivers help kids build a deeper understanding of who God is, explore the truth of his Word, and grow as recipients and givers of Jesus’s love.

Greeting Team: Welcome families to Sunday gatherings and help kids and parents connect and integrate into Mosaic Kids classes. 

Mosaic Youth

Mosaic loves students and believes that young people are ready to follow Jesus now! In a sea of competing voices and paths to take, we want students to know that they are created for a life full of hope and meaning.

Middle School Team: Be part of the team crafting fun, meaningful, and safe Wednesday gatherings for middle school students and relationally invest in the lives of students and families in small groups.

High School Team: Care about the lives of high schoolers, invest in relational discipleship, and be a part of the team creating gatherings and environments where high school students can explore who Jesus is and learn to follow him with their whole lives.


Our church building is one of the best resources the Mosaic community has for following Jesus on mission in our city.

Be part of the Facilities Team that serves by ensuring a safe, clean, and well-maintained facility. We carry out a variety of planned and reactive tasks to fix, improve, and keep the building in good repair.


Our creator-God, who made everything in us and around us, continues his creative and redemptive work as we are brought to new life in Jesus.

The Creative Team explores and expresses the mission and vision of Mosaic through many creative mediums that guide, inspire, challenge, and communicate truth and beauty.