Mosaic Youth

Welcome! However you found yourself here, we’re so glad to have you. We’re a community of students who treat each other like family and are seeking to know Jesus.

Mosaic loves students and believes that young people are ready to follow Jesus now. In a sea of competing voices and paths to take, we want students to know that they are created for a life full of hope and meaning. We want them to know that Jesus loves them and that they are empowered by the Holy Spirit to share God’s love with their friends. This happens through partnership with families, the leading and investment of incredible teams of volunteer leaders, and opportunities to honestly explore faith in community.

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Mosaic Youth: Wednesday Nights

Homework Club & Wednesday Night Youth
Wednesdays | Mosaic

3:30 pm – 8:30 pm

Homework Club starts at 3:30 pm! Get your homework done and have dinner! Bring your homework, bring a friend, and come hang out at Mosaic before Youth.

Mosaic Youth starts at 7:00 pm! Middle school and high school students are invited to hang out with other students, caring adult leaders, and an awesome community that is exploring faith and learning to follow Jesus together.

Dollar Pizza Mondays

Mondays | Mosaic
11:41 am – 12:14 pm

High School Students — we’ve got lunch covered for Mondays!

Grab a few friends and get over to Mosaic on Mondays for lunch. One dollar gets you slices and an easy way to connect with friends and church.



Middle School Youth

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High School Youth

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Mosaic Youth desires to be a support and encouragement for the whole Mosaic community by caring for students and their families. We recognize that parents have immense influence in the lives of the students we serve and we as a ministry want to provide tools and support where appropriate. Please let us know how we can serve your family or connect you with a resource for your students.

Student Leadership

Students are capable of leading and influencing their world for good, and Mosaic Youth seeks to create a culture in which students know God by serving him. Jesus is a servant and teaches us to serve one another and participate as more than a consumer in his church. There is much to gain from serving and we provide opportunities for students desiring to grow in this way. There are opportunities to serve on Sundays, Wednesday nights, and throughout the year on mission and service trips.