On Christmas Eve we celebrate the culmination of a great story: A world in darkness has received the God-given light of salvation in Jesus! This holy night would change the course of all things, bringing comfort to the hopeless and the joy of relationship with our creator God — the one we were meant for all along.

Candlelight gatherings at 10:00 am & 9:00 pm.
Childcare available for Infants – Age 5.

Too often we experience the holiday season in a rush, overbooked, and even crazed with all we can do, want to do, and have to do. We always miss things; we can’t do it all! We may even miss the most important part of Christmas – experiencing  the God who loves us enough to join us in the flesh in the birth of Jesus. So, this year we want to embrace slowing down. Through our teaching series and some specific slow assignments, we plan to pause, breath deeply, and create space with others to consider how amazing the first Christmas was. By slowing down this Advent season, may we find ourselves more filled up with the hope, peace, joy, and love of Jesus as we wait for his return.

Advent Sundays: November 26, December 3, December 10, December 17

As we slow down this Christmas, we want to create space to see and care for those around us. Refugee Care Collective and Project 48 specifically give us very practical and accessible ways to give to and care for some of the most vulnerable near us.

Rally friends and family members, invite neighbors to contribute to these needed gifts, and pray for those who will receive them!


Refugees arrive to Oregon with few possessions, and have to quickly build their lives again. Restart kits are plastic tubs filled with essential household items, and a complete set is formed by eight unique restart kits – one for each area of the home. The kits are received by newly arriving families and individuals, meeting a tangible need and communicating a message of welcome. It’s a first step in saying, “You are not alone. We are for you. You are welcome here.”

Right now RCC is in need of:

Build a kit as an individual, family, or community and bring it to Mosaic on a Sunday during Advent!


An average of 160 kids every month come into foster care in Multnomah, Washington, and Clackamas counties. The first 48 hours are a challenging time for foster children and the mission of Project 48 is to provide them with bags of high-quality goods and necessities within the first hours of coming into care.

Select an Holiday Giving Tree Tag for a specific teen. Purchase desired items and place in a box or bag with teen’s “tag number” from the website.

Bring the box to Mosaic by December 10 (third week of Advent).