Mosaic Family Annual Update

2020 - 2021

Our Vision:

In a city known for self-reliance, loneliness, and cynicism we are compelled by the love of Jesus to live distinctly different lives.


We will contribute to a movement of courageous and resilient disciples – formed by God’s Word, empowered by the Holy Spirit, and sent by Jesus.


By 2025 we will equip and commission 500 people who break barriers, love neighbors, and uniquely contribute to more of God’s Kingdom coming to the Portland / Vancouver metro area and beyond.


We dream of a day when every cynic trusts the Savior, the lonely find a family, and every activist joins God’s mission.

House Gatherings

As the landscape of church has changed, the Mosaic family has learned and grown into a new way of following Jesus together in our city. House Gatherings are a place to be known, grow as followers of Jesus, and be on mission with others in the city.

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Focused Living

The Focused Living process is designed to help Jesus followers discover and refine their calling and key contribution to the Kingdom of God. We believe God uniquely gifts and equips individuals to exemplify him and to be his hands and feet in their world. We look forward to more opportunities for many in the Mosaic family to experience the Focused Living process.

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Alpha, Be The Bridge & Equipping Classes

Through Alpha, Be the Bridge groups, and Equipping Classes, people in the Mosaic community explored the good news of Jesus for the first time, grew in understanding and took steps toward racial reconciliation, and gained tools for following Jesus in all areas of life.

Explore past Equipping Classes and check the Events Page for upcoming groups and classes.

Kids & Families

In a new way, parents and children at Mosaic explored scripture, learned about Jesus, worshiped, prayed, and did crafts with Sunday Stories Online. This meaningful way of connecting and growing became a joy in a unique season.

As we continue into the next year, our hope and intentions are that parents would be empowered to love and disciple their children well and that kids discover the life-changing love of Jesus and follow him with their whole lives.

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Mosaic loves students and believes that they play key roles in Jesus’s church and mission in Portland. In a year when the “normal” life of a student was turned upside down, Mosaic Youth provided safe, fun, and authentic opportunities and relationships for students to discover Jesus, grow as his disciples, and be known in loving community.

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Through baptism, the story of new life in Jesus was told as kids, students, and adults made this bold profession of faith at Mosaic. We are praying that more people will come to know Jesus as their savior and king and will follow him into the joyful obedience of baptism.

The next opportunity for baptisms will be on August 20 at Arcadia Beach as part of the Mosaic Beach Day. To talk to a pastor about baptism, email .


Generosity & Budget

Beautiful things happen as we give: We participate in God’s work in our city and around the world, we learn to care about and desire the things that Jesus does, and we show God’s love by being faithful and generous like he is.

In line with COVID-19 responsiveness and coaching we’ve received, we’re intentionally setting a budget for the first half of this fiscal year and will be setting the second half sometime this fall. This budget and strategy has been approved by the Mosaic Ministry Board.

Ministry Board Nominee

The Ministry Board is made up of 7-9 qualified individuals who hold the Lead Pastor accountable to the mission and vision of Mosaic. They are selected by the Nominating Committee and affirmed by Mosaic Partners to serve a three-year term.

Bree Roberts

My family and I have been attending Mosaic for the past nine years. I’ve been married to Justin for 20 years and we have two daughters, Evan (15) and Quinn (12). Prior to COVID, Justin and I have served in Mosaic Kids, teaching third-fifth graders for the last seven years. During COVID, we have been a part of the Outer Southeast House Gathering and serve twice a month at Shepherd’s Door Sunday gatherings.

Outside of Mosaic life, I am a stay-at-home mom helping with online school this year and I serve as the Children’s Supervisor for our local Bible Study Fellowship class.

I have loved and followed Jesus since I was a young girl. Youth group years were very formative for me and that is when I knew I wanted to do more than go to church. I wanted to live my life for Jesus, not myself. God has been faithful to train and teach me – showing me areas he wants to refine and prune. I am grateful that He loves me too much to leave me where I’m at. God has been teaching me to find my identity and value in him alone, and to look for and trust the Holy Spirit’s activity in my life.

My desire is to be available for the Lord to use me however he sees fit. I love our Mosaic community and would consider it a joy to serve on the Ministry Board.

Nominating Committee Nominee

The Nominating Committee is made up of two Mosaic Partners, two Ministry Board members, and the Lead Pastor to identify, interview, and recommend future board members.

Heidi Mayes

I have been a part of Mosaic since 2018. My husband, Scott, and I have two grown daughters and four grandchildren. I have volunteered in children, youth, refugee, and camping ministries in Maryland, Washington, and California. I currently serve as a teacher in the 4’s-Kindergarten class at Mosaic. Scott and I also lead the Woodstock House Gathering.

I am the bookkeeper at Aloha High School. I enjoy sewing for Days for Girls and for my grandkids, along with gardening, weaving, knitting, and opening my home for people to gather around the table.

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