As a community, it is our goal to worship and follow Jesus in his ways, on his mission, as his body, and with his heart. As we conclude yet another monumental year of creativity, adaptability, and dependency, we are struck by God’s faithfulness and his presence with us.

Tim Osborn
Lead Pastor

Our Vision:

In a city known for self-reliance, loneliness, and cynicism we are compelled by the love of Jesus to live distinctly different lives.

We will contribute to a movement of courageous and resilient disciples – formed by God’s Word, empowered by the Holy Spirit, and sent by Jesus.

By 2025 we will equip and commission 500 people who break barriers, love neighbors, and uniquely contribute to more of God’s Kingdom coming to the Portland / Vancouver metro area and beyond.

We dream of a day when every cynic trusts the Savior, the lonely find a family, and every activist joins God’s mission.

The Ways of Jesus: DISCIPLESHIP

We will make disciples of all generations who will apprentice to Jesus, learn to hear and respond to his voice, and grow in Biblical formation.

(Matthew 4:19, 28:18-20, John 10:27; 2 Timothy 3:16; Hebrews 4:12-13)

Starting in September, we began a time of prayer and fasting on Tuesdays, also including a written guide that provided simple prompts for reading Scripture, reflection, and prayer. We have continued meeting in-person at Mosaic and on Zoom to pray weekly.

We have relaunched our Leader-in-Training cohort with three young men, all serving in worship and production. They have a staff supervisor for their hands-on ministry roles and each regularly meet with a spiritual mentor. A partnership with Multnomah University has started with the purpose of inviting seminary students into a leadership residency at Mosaic, pairing classroom learning with leadership opportunity in a church community.

After a completely digital Focused Living experience in early 2021, Mosaic hosted Focused Living in the building in May with 24 participants and table coaches. Each participant left with a clearer picture of how God is leading them to live as his beloved child and contribute to his kingdom on Earth.

The Mission of Jesus: GOD'S KINGDOM

We will equip and commission workers to seek and save the lost and bring healing and hope to a broken world.

(Matthew 9:35-38, 25:35-36; Luke 19:10; Luke 4:18-19)

We are seeing the first signs of this part of our vision realized in commissioned individuals who have a clear idea of how Jesus is using them where he has placed them. We have commissioned 17 people toward our goal of 500.

‘Dollar Pizza Mondays’ for Grant High School students grew from a small handful of Mosaic students to an average of 20 students each week. Through the school year, around 60 Grant students have come to the Mosaic building during lunch on Monday to have an affordable lunch and connect with friends and a small team of Mosaic volunteers. Several students who were introduced to Mosaic through pizza, are now regularly part of Mosaic Youth now.

In March, 22 students and leaders went on a High School Alpha Retreat. The retreat was a weekend of fun, adventure, meaningful discussion, and included a three-hour time of healing prayer and Holy Spirit ministry.

Neighborhood Suppers began this May in seven regions around the Portland/Vancouver Metro Area, providing simple opportunity to begin or reconnect relationally within Mosaic. They’ve ranged from 20-30 people and have been a mix of people deeply connected and brand new to Mosaic. These will continue through the summer and several are beginning conversations and praying about how they can adopt a missional posture toward their neighborhoods.

The Body of Jesus: CHURCH FAMILY

We will live as God’s holy people – adopted into the family of God, distinct and unified, serving and loving one another, and led by Jesus.

(1 Corinthians 12:12-31; Ephesians 2:19, 4:4-6; Colossians 1:18-19; Galatians 6:9-10)

A sense of relational connectedness was severely challenged through COVID. We creatively sought new ways of staying connected, encouraging one another, and meeting needs as the arose.

We are celebrating the level of intimacy that we have experienced during a highly divisive year culturally and politically. Our church does not all think and believe the same, but we’ve maintained unity, respect, and kindness. We’ve become a different church during this unique season, and are trusting that part of God’s reason for change is to prepare us for what is next as we step into the vision he’s given us.

Middle school students, high school students, college students and young adults have met weekly through the year to connect, play, and follow Jesus together.

Sunday Forums and Next Step Labs were opportunities for anyone to ask questions about where Mosaic is headed and to re-engage Jesus-centered relationships.

The Heart of Jesus: WORSHIP

We will recognize the Creator God and his holiness, power, love, beauty, and sovereignty and respond both privately and publicly with celebration, obedience, creativity, devotion, and raising holy hands to his name. 

(Psalm 22:3, 63:4, 149:3-4; Matthew 4:8-10; Romans 12:1-2; 1 Timothy 2:8; Revelation 5:13)

We made significant strides toward facilitating high-quality and engaging in-person and digital experiences for Sunday gatherings. What was new and unknown in the beginning of the pandemic has become a robust ecosystem of teams, technology, training, and creativity that ensures our ability to gather and worship in a variety of formats. Now + Next projects are well under way, upgrading and refreshing our building to better equip us to record audio and video, and be an asset to groups, events, and community partnerships.

Our worship ministry played a key role in helping to relaunch our Leader-in-Training cohort as all three young leaders found a place to serve within worship and tech teams.

We are growing in prayer as a church, both publicly when gathered, in small group settings, and in private. We are using our gatherings to model this and creating space and resources for individuals to engage throughout the week. We hope this deepens and grows, that more people engage, and that God uses our prayers to renew us as a church for what he has next.

Generosity & Budget

This past fall, we began talking about how we, as individuals, families, and the Mosaic community, can grow in aligning our finances with the vision that God has given Mosaic. To follow Jesus holistically and courageously in our time and place, we know that it will take counter-cultural generosity and steadfast trust.

We also know that beautiful things happen as we give: We participate in God’s work in our city and around the world, we learn to care about and desire the things that Jesus does, and we show God’s love by being faithful and generous like he is.

Now + Next

Because our city and culture has changed in generationally significant ways, we are moving forward in new ways, with new methods, and new resources — to reach and disciple more people for Jesus. Now + Next includes the annual budget. Learn more about Now + Next here.

Ministry Board Nominees

The Ministry Board is made up of 7-9 qualified individuals who hold the Lead Pastor accountable to the mission and vision of Mosaic. They are selected by the Nominating Committee and affirmed by Mosaic Partners to serve a three-year term.

Binny Nguyen

My wife and I have been attending Mosaic for the past fifteen years. I’ve been married to Punky for twelve years and we have two kids. Our son Luca is eight and our daughter Penny is six years old.  We have served on the Welcome Team and helped out in the nursery prior to having kids. We have been involved in the Outer Northeast House Gathering for the past two years (and now in the Neighborhood Supper) and this has brought us closer to the Mosaic community.  

We both have large extended families in the area so we tend to spend a lot of time with them outside of church life. We are also active in our kids school community and parents’ club. 

I grew up in a small Baptist church in southeast Portland. I accepted Christ and got baptized when I was twelve years old. Growing up in a small church community has given me the comfort of getting to know the Lord on a deeper level. He has shown me love through the highs and lows of my life. Jesus has always led me back to himself regardless of my stage in life. He wants me to be humble and have a learning spirit in everything I do.  

So, I’m very excited to see where he’ll take me and how God will shape me in this role.

Kelly Lange

Hello, my name is Kelly Lange. I have been married to my husband, Dallas, for 22 years and we have two high-school-aged children, Gabe and Reese. We have been a part of the Mosaic community since 2019. 

In that time, we have hosted a Mosaic Community, led a House Gathering during the beginning of the pandemic, and helped facilitate and serve at the Shepherd’s Door House Gathering. Recently, I’ve had the pleasure of serving pizza to Grant High School students who come to Dollar Pizza Mondays!

Outside of church life, I work part-time as a dental hygienist at a private practice biological/holistic dental office in southeast Portland. I spend non-working hours keeping our household running, cooking lots of meals for our family, supporting our kids in their various activities, getting outside in the beautiful PNW, and enjoying good conversations over long meals with friends. 

In this season of life, Jesus is teaching me to accept and savor what each day brings. There is so much in my life, and in this world, that I can’t control and often this brings me great anxiety. I am learning to rest in his goodness and provision, be faithful in the moment, and daily surrender my desire for control into his loving care. 

Howard Kenyon

My wife and I have four single offspring ages 27-33. Kim and I enjoy hiking, day trips, and especially gardening. With my love for writing, I’ve published two books, one on ethics, the other on the missional task of believers. There’s likely another book in me, perhaps a memoir on overcoming the challenges brought on by childhood trauma. Through all that, I can truly say my anchor in Jesus remains deeply planted.

I grew up a pastor’s kid and had my 60th spiritual birthday earlier this year. Kim and I met as stateside campus missionaries, then served 17 years as creative access missionaries in Asia before my depression landed us in Portland. In our 35 years of marriage, we’ve devoted ourselves to serving wherever we’ve been, even when we had no idea what God was up to. It has been an amazing journey!

As vice president of Ecumenical Ministries of Oregon, I oversee EMO’s operations, finances, HR, and direct services, including Northeast Emergency Food Program, refugee resettlement, immigration legal services, HIV services, Second Home for homeless high school students, and DVSA support for the Slavic-speaking community. I also chair the Oregon Hunger Task Force in Salem.

Since joining Mosaic in 2009, I’ve engaged in a variety of ways, including helping lead a House Gathering and Neighborhood Supper on the westside of Portland. I love worshipping on Sundays, feasting on the teaching, praying for the people and ministry of Mosaic, and serving on the board, supporting where I can from my experience in church, missional, and nonprofit work.

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