COVID-19 Questions & Answers

The health and safety of students and families, and ultimately, of our city, is our top priority. Mosaic is committed to providing clear, regular, and transparent communication so that the people we serve can make informed decisions about they and their family’s participation. In response to the incident on July 22, in which a student who later tested positive for COVID-19 participated in Mosaic Middle School Youth activities, we have put together the following Q&A:


What do we know about how the student contracted COVID-19?

The student was a day-camper the week of July 13 to July 18 at a local camp where there have been multiple confirmed cases of COVID-19. We suspect that the student contracted COVID-19 there. There are two other Mosaic families who participated in the same day-camp. However, students from those families have not participated in Mosaic Youth events since attending the camp. All three families are currently quarantining and are taking strict precautions.

What communication can I expect if this happens again?

We will make every effort to share accurate and timely information with those students’ families who were at the same programs as any confirmed case of COVID-19. Mosaic Youth’s top priority is the safety of students and families participating in Mosaic Youth events and activities. 


The student who tested positive for COVID-19 participated in the Mosaic Youth event outside of the 48-hour window prior to presenting symptoms, in which transmission is more likely to occur. The student participated in Mosaic Youth outdoor activities on Wednesday, July 22, following the guidelines of wearing a mask, using hand-sanitizer, and staying distanced during activities. The student was tested for COVID-19 on Sunday, July 26 after showing symptoms the day before.

Will there be contact tracing?

Official contact tracing is the responsibility of the county. Mosaic is following the Multnomah County guidelines and will cooperate with the counties reporting and contract tracing requirements should they choose to do so.

Why is Middle School youth moving online for the week?

While we’re confident that the risk of exposure on Wednesday, July 22 was very low, we’re simply taking Middle School Youth online this Wednesday as an added precaution. This break from in-person gathering provides an ample time window for symptoms to present in others. Any student with a potential or confirmed case is expected to stay home from Mosaic Youth for 14 days or until it is safe for them to resume participation.

Why is High School Youth still meeting in person this week?

Mosaic Youth High School is separate from Middle School in location and participants, with no leaders or students being in contact with the student testing positive. Though unlikely, any potential spread from a middle school student to a high school student sibling or friend would have happened following last week’s program. High School students are expected to follow the same guidelines of staying home if they are sick or have been exposed to someone with COVID-19.

Who can I contact if I have other questions?

If you have any unanswered questions or concerns, please call or email:

Phelan Van Deren (Middle School Director) at 503.936.8815
Marc le Roux (Family Pastor) at 503.724.5105
Kim Harris (Executive Pastor) at 503.267.1603
Connor Durr (Pastor of Students) at 253.303.1591