Helping People and communities impacted by Oregon Wildfires


Thousands of homes and businesses have burned across the state of Oregon. Many individuals and families have lost everything. The cost and impact on the lives of our fellow Oregonians are incalculable.

Mosaic is partnering with a local church (Hope City Church) in Southern Oregon that is on the front lines of serving some of the most impacted communities in our state, specifically in Talent and Phoenix. These towns have been decimated and will likely face long term recovery.

As a church, we are committed to living generous lives and responding to the needs around us. Through a natural relationship that members of our community have with the Lead Pastor of Hope City Church in Southern Oregon, we have an opportunity to meet short term needs of families looking to figure out where to spend the night and where to get there next load of groceries, diapers, and other essentials.

Give Directly

Click the button below to give on Hope City Church’s website. Select “Southern Oregon Fires.”

All donations are tax-deductible and 100% will be used to provide gift cards and resources (food, gas, supplies, and emergency housing) for the most vulnerable individuals and families.

Purchase Gift Cards

If you would like to donate physical gift cards, we will deliver them to Hope City Church for distribution. The team in Southern Oregon is currently accepting gift cards from:

Fred Meyer

Please contact Dave Almgren to drop off your gift cards and he will make sure Pastor Jason and the Hope City Church receive them in a timely manner.

Dave Almgren
Phone: 503-333-1026


For more information or to stay connected to this opportunity for the long term please email Dave Almgren or contact the Inner Southeast Virtual House Gathering. Email Southeast Virtual House Gathering

Note From Pastor Jason

Hey friends, I need your help. The devastation in Southern Oregon from the wildfires is simply unimaginable. The national news is not really talking about how difficult and bad it really is. This is our region’s “Hurricane Katrina”.

Estimates are that 3,500 homes have burned along with businesses and town infrastructure. Because the fire came so quickly with little notification there is a possibility and probability that many have lost their lives. We just aren’t sure yet. Families have lost everything. This hits especially hard because the areas that the fire devastated are filled with low-income households and 55-and-older mobile home parks. Many families are still reeling from COVID-19 and the job losses experienced. With all of that being said, the recovery is going to be very long.

There are some immediate needs that families have. Our church is going to be raising money to supply gift cards to families in need. They will specifically be used for food, gas, supplies, and emergency housing. Hope City will give 100% percent given back to the community. Hope City will be covering the credit card processing fees. All gifts are tax-deductible. 

Thank you in advance for your help and heart to touch people’s lives with the gospel and meet the needs of people who are hurting.

– Jason

Pastor of Hope City Church