Through Holy Week . . .

We follow Jesus from his entry into Jerusalem, into his final Passover meal with the disciples, through the pain of his death and burial, and rejoice in his glorious resurrection on Sunday. Step into the story!

Resurrection Sunday

Sunday, April 12

Celebrate Jesus’s victory over death as we unite to worship him and proclaim him King of our lives and world.

Invite friends and share with neighbors the good news that changes everything: We are loved beyond measure, there is hope beyond our circumstances, and because of Jesus, this world is not our home.

Holy Week Devotionals

In Mark 8:29, Jesus turns to the Disciples, asking “But what about you? Who do you say I am?”

That question is the focus of the Holy Week Devotionals and one that is ultimately answered on Resurrection Sunday as we proclaim that Jesus is Christ the King, our Savior and Lord.  Each day this week, we’ll examine one of the seven “I AM” statements from John with a reflection from the Mosaic Staff.

Palm Sunday

Sunday, April 5

Palm Sunday inaugurates Holy Week, the last and most important week of Jesus’s life. The week begins with Jesus humbly entering Jerusalem on a donkey, as the people meet him with fanfare fit for a conquering king, shouting “Hosanna”, an expression of joy, praise, and adoration. Days later, the same crowds shouting “crucify.”

This Sunday we step into the story of Jesus’s last week, the week that changed everything for us and for our world.


Wednesday, April 8

In Jesus’s last hours with his disciples before being crucified, he didn’t write a book or a give a speech, he hosted a meal. 

Families and individuals are invited to engage this interactive meal together, or alone, with the traditional foods and ingredients, as we step into the story of Jesus’s last days and the significance of his sacrifice on the cross for us.

Good Friday

Friday, April 10

On Good Friday we commemorate Jesus’s suffering and death on the cross. Through 30-minute Virtual Gatherings, we will listen to Scripture and songs of worship reflecting on the greatest sacrifice.