Lent - Easter 2023

February 22 - April 9

Palm Sunday Celebration Brunch

Sunday, April 2 | In-person & Online
9:15 am & 11:00 am
Childcare available for Infants – Age 5

Start Holy Week with a community brunch and worshiping together!

Sign up to bring part of the meal to share:


Good Friday

Friday, April 7 | In-person & Online
7:00 pm 
No childcare

Good Friday is the prayerful remembrance of Jesus’s death on the cross as he took on sin for our sake. As we sing and move through the different stages of his betrayal, arrest, trial, and death, we join him in his suffering and ask God to give us fresh joy marveling at the love of God poured out in Jesus’s blood.


Resurrection Sunday

Sunday, April 9 | In-person & Online
9:15 am & 11:00 am
Childcare available for Infants – Age 5

On Resurrection Sunday, we joyfully celebrate Jesus’s miraculous victory over death! Just as he was raised from death to new life, we are raised to new life as well as we believe in him as Savior and King.

Through song and celebrating baptisms, we will retell this story that defines our hope: Jesus has risen from the dead, and there is hope of new life in him!

Invite friends and share with neighbors the good news that changes everything.


24/7 Prayer Room

During Holy Week, April 2-9

Many of us desire to engage with God through prayer, yet struggle to set aside time or know what to do once we find the time. Spending an hour in the prayer room gives each of us a chance to experience prayer in a setting designed to help us meet with God in a meaningful way.

Through various activities designed to bring your awareness to God’s heart and voice you will have opportunity to pray in new and fresh ways. Through beauty, creativity, and imagination, you’ll be invited to step into a time of prayer with a God who loves you and loves those around you.

Historically, God’s people have engaged with the practice of prayer as a means to ask God to move in new and significant ways, and in the asking have been able to align themselves with the things that God sees and wants for the world around them. We want to turn our own longings into prayer, to see our desires align with the heart of Jesus, and be part of a powerful and renewing movement in our time, in our place.

Room Preview on March 26
Pick a time and sign up for the prayer room HERE.


Prayer Room Overnight Safety Team

Help provide a safe environment through the night and early morning hours for people in the Mosaic 24/7 Prayer Room, April 2-9. Sign-up for a 4-hour slot to monitor the Mosaic building and parking lot to help facilitate a week of constant prayer in and for our neighborhood. Each slot is a two-person team.

Sign-up for a 4-hour slot HERE.


For centuries, followers of Jesus have set aside a season of preparation leading up to the celebration of Jesus’s resurrection at Easter. Called Lent, this period is based on the 40 days that Jesus spent fasting in the wilderness, where he was tempted by Satan (Luke 4:1-13). For the Church, this time is intended for reflection, repentance, and confession.

God is inviting the Mosaic community to a renewed surrender with the hope of seeing more of his kingdom come. Lent gives us the unique opportunity to take intentional steps toward this. 

During this season we are leaning into fresh experiences of these ancient practices: 

Empowered Prayer

Sunday Pre-Gathering Prayer

Sundays, starting February 26
9:30 am – 9:50 am

Come a few minutes early to the Sunday gathering to seek God together, asking him to move in a new way in and through us as a church for the good of Mosaic, our city, and the world.

Lent Prayer Guide

Tuesdays | Emailed guide

Be united in prayer through the Lent season seeking God together and asking him to work in a new way in and through us. Each Tuesday through Lent, the Prayer Guide provides a way to read Scripture, reflect on how Jesus is getting our attention, and respond in prayer.

Sign-up HERE.

Sent People Prayer

10:00 am

Mosaic is a community of people who live and work all over the metro area, bringing God’s presence into their workplaces. As a church family, we want to identify, encourage, and pray for the unique ways we each do this.

Each Sunday through Lent, we’re praying for one field:

  • February 26: Business / Executive / Finance / Management
  • March 5: Hospitality / Retail / Restaurant / Service
  • March 12: Trades / Construction / Engineering
  • March 19: Non-profit / Counselors / Social Work
  • March 26: Retired

Curated Hearts through Fasting

Lent Fasting

Fasting during Lent is a time in which Christians are meant to give up some comfort or adopt some spiritual practice that leads to confession, repentance from sin, and, ultimately, renewal of the soul, all in anticipation of greater dedication to serving others and God.

Two questions that are helpful to think through are:

What am I laying down?
What am I picking up?

Categories for Evaluation:

Spiritual: Sabbath, Solitude, Scripture, Prayer

Mental: Thought life, Technology/Media/Screens, Reading, Dreaming/Future/Anxiety

Physical: Eating, Exercise, Sleep

Time: Work hours, Study hours, Day off, Church

Relational: Friends, Neighbors, Spouse, Family, Children

Confessional Communion

We enter this season of Lent with the expectation that the Holy Spirit will reveal and convict us of sin and brokenness in our lives. We want to be regularly confessing to God, and as we come to the communion table during our Sunday Gatherings, we anticipate renewed experiences of his grace and forgiveness as we take Jesus up on his offer to repent and believe. 

Embodied Community

Journey with others through Lent with a Neighborhood Community in your part of town!