The Marriage Course

Tuesdays, Starting March 9

Equipping Class: The Marriage Course

Tuesdays, March 9 – April 20

Zoom/ Self-Guided Conversations

7:00 – 8:30 pm

The Mosaic Marriage Course will use content that was developed by the same church that developed the Alpha Course. While based on Christian principles, The Marriage Course is designed for all couples, whether they have a faith background or not, and we welcome every couple whether they are married or cohabiting.  

Whether you’ve been married six months or 40 years, the Marriage Course also gives you practical tools to enhance an already strong relationship, or address specific challenges that you’re facing. The Marriage Course is relevant for any couple wanting to invest in their relationship and make it stronger. 

Night Format:

7:00 pm — Welcome and introduction (Zoom) 

7:20 pm — Start video (Stream online) 

8:00 pm — Couples private discussion (Guest Journal Facilitated) 

You will not be asked to discuss anything about your relationship with anyone but your partner. 


Make Tuesday night your date night, and work through the 7 sessions together in the comfort of your own home:

Session 1 – Strengthening Connection  

Session 2 – The Art of Communication  

Session 3 – Resolving Conflict  

Session 4 – The Power of Forgiveness  

Session 5 – The Impact of Family  

Session 6 – Good Sex  

Session 7 – Love in Action 


*We want to invest in your marriage, and will provide a guest journal for you and your partner. Please provide your address when signing up so that we can get those to you.