Our Vision:

In a city known for self-reliance, loneliness, and cynicism we are compelled by the love of Jesus to live distinctly different lives.


We will contribute to a movement of courageous and resilient disciples – formed by God’s Word, empowered by the Holy Spirit, and sent by Jesus.


By 2025 we will equip and commission 500 people who break barriers, love neighbors, and uniquely contribute to more of God’s Kingdom coming to the Portland / Vancouver metro area and beyond.


We dream of a day when every cynic trusts the Savior, the lonely find a family, and every activist joins God’s mission.

Because our city and culture has changed in generationally significant ways:

We must move forward in new ways, with new methods, and new resources — to reach and disciple more people for Jesus.


To do this effectively, we will invest in our second greatest resource to best serve our greatest resource:

We use our building to best serve our people.

We know that . . .

  • 42% of our neighbors are religiously unaffiliated (more than any other city in the United States) and are not looking to the church for answers.


  • Digital Natives make up half or more of the population. 


  • Only 6% of the adult population (and only 4% of Generation Z) has a biblical world view.


  • Portland is statistically one of the most post-Christian cities in our nation.

So we will . . .

  • Prioritize Intentional and robust discipleship. Disciple-making in our cultural context requires both relational presence combined with always accessible digital tools and resources.


  • Go! We can no longer take an approach of “come and see”, but are compelled to “go and tell”. 


  • Move beyond being “Sunday based” to becoming a “Sending Base” that will contribute to seeing ‘parish church/community’ in every neighborhood led by everyday missionaries who have been equipped and commissioned.


  • Develop skills and find new ways to engage and equip these generations to experience life in Jesus and give that away to their peers. 

Setting out to raise $2.5 million over two years . . .

high quality studio & worship space

  • New projection system supporting multi-use platform


  • Updated audio systems


  • Upgraded lighting system


  • Livestream equipment improvement


  • Long-term audio/video production space


  • Auditorium remodel to accommodate tech

Revitalized kids & student spaces

  • Kids classrooms remodeled with new furniture and equipment


  • Invest in equipment and resources for more student outreach


  • Install needed gates for better building security


  • Kitchen updated for hosting events and trainings. (New appliances, fixtures, cabinets, flooring)

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We dream of a day when every cynic trusts the Savior, the lonely find a family, and every activist joins God’s mission.