Racial Reconciliation & Justice Resources

The work of justice and reconciliation is right in line with being a disciple of Jesus. As a church family learning to follow Jesus in authentic community for the world, we must continue to grow and participate in bringing about racial justice and reconciliation. Simply put, this is part of following Jesus. Naming the sin of racism, lamenting with our brothers and sisters of color, repenting, and moving in step with the Spirit of our God of justice is difficult but necessary work. 

 Jesus came into the world to reconcile the world to himself and to reconcile formerly hostile communities to one another. Jesus entrusted this ministry of reconciliation to the church (Ephesians 2, 2 Corinthians 5). Racial reconciliation is not an optional aspect of the Church or a niche issue reserved only for more “liberal” congregations; racial reconciliation is central to the Church’s gospel mission.

We believe that as the Mosaic family actively aligns with Jesus and lives fully surrendered to the Holy Spirit, it will require the merged guidance of Good Theology, Good History, and Good Praxis.

Dive into this list of guiding resources with a spirit of humility, self-reflection, and learning.

Be the Bridge Groups

Be the Bridge is a Jesus-centered non-profit that “empowers people and culture toward racial healing, equity, and reconciliation.”

If your heart beats to participate, or you want to learn more as groups become available, sign up HERE.