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About Northern Haiti

In this poverty-stricken region, daily life is very difficult as a result of malnutrition, infectious diseases, droughts, tropical storms, flooding, crop failure, and a shortage of safe drinking water. Major storms in 2004 and 2008, as well as the January 2010 earthquake, have wreaked havoc that will take many years to overcome.

About Haiti Foundation of Hope

HFH serves three villages in Northern Haiti. Pastor Delamy Bazilme and his wife Elvire are the primary leaders in the churches and greater communities of the area. They have built the ministry to meet the “whole person” through Christ-centered churches that are at the core of HFH’s work. HFH supports various programs in Haiti aimed at enhancing health, education, and economic development. The goal of each of these projects is to work with the local community to encourage ownership, leading to self-sustaining practices.

HFH programs include: a full-time medical clinic, a wholistic community health project, a primary and secondary school, a women’s trade school, a micro-enterprise program, a school lunch, and a clean water project.

Mosaic and Haiti Foundation of Hope

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