Mosaic’s Primary Global Partnership is supporting church planting and community development efforts in Gjilan, Kosovo, through the Christian & Missionary Alliance (C&MA). Post-war Gjilan struggles with a poor infrastructure and economy with an unemployment rate of 45-50 percent. With less than 0.1 percent of the population who are Christians in a city of approximately 90,000, there is a great need for the message of Jesus.



Ron and Lisa Ramsey represent Mosaic as long-term international staff in Gjilan. Ron works alongside young Kosovar leaders to train them in small-business development. Lisa runs a counseling center where she is raising up a new generation of Kosovar counselors. Through the relationships they are developing, Ron and Lisa are discipling people toward Christ. Ron’s worst moment in Kosovo thus far was when he was told by a second grade girl that he didn’t know how to talk. Lisa’s worst moment was seeing Ron cry in front of a second grade girl.

  • Pray for the Ramseys:
    • A love for the people of Kosovo
    • A constant connection and dependence on God
    • Growth among the national believers
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